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How a Fire Sprinkler Deluge System Works

How a Fire Sprinkler Deluge System Works

High Volume Applications

Deluge fire fighting systems are purposely designed to disperse a large volume of water, or in some cases a combination of water and chemical fire retardant, over a designated area in a short amount of time.

Deluge systems are typically installed in areas where the risk of an extreme fire is very high, such as at industrial plants, refineries and storerooms or warehouses containing propellants and other highly flammable material. Deluge systems may also be installed in exit corridors to ensure safe passage out of a potentially hazardous zone and in large spaces with high ceilings (such as aircraft hangars) where the spray of water from the traditional sprinkler systems becomes ineffectual due to the distance between the sprinkler head and the fire.

How They Differ

Deluge systems differ from the traditional sprinkler systems in several respects. In a typical deluge system the sprinkler heads are open, they do not contain a fire sensing component and the flow of water is controlled from a single point called the deluge valve. Once the deluge valve has been opened the water will flow out of all the attached sprinklers and the “deluge” begins.

The deluge valve can be activated by either manual or automatic mechanisms. For example: a pull lever, an alarm panel switch, or an automatic non-powered system that holds back the deluge with air pressure until the fire opens a head actuated device which releases the air pressure allowing the flow of water.

Deluge systems can be activated in the following ways:
1. Manually
2. Hydraulically (via a glass bulb detector)
3. Pneumatically (via a glass bulb detector)
4. Electrically (via a fire detector)

In a deluge valve, you will find that they are hydraulically operated. Different types of valves are used to control the supply of water to a deluge system. Open nozzles and sprinklers are used in deluge systems. The choice of design and the manner in which the deluge valve is controlled varies in accordance to the circumstances of the environment and the potential fire hazard.

If you are thinking about getting a deluge system installed, make sure you consult an expert for tailored advice for your situation. Here at Complete Fire and Pumps we are best positioned to be able to assist you make the right decision based on your businesses requirements.

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