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pump repairs, installations and maintenance

Pump Installations, Service & Repairs

Specialist design, supply, install, service, maintenance & repairs of all types of pumping equipment used in the industrial, commercial, residential (including A/C units), environmental and wastewater sectors.

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Our state of the art pump service centre, specialises in preventative pump maintenance programs and service, repair and installation of all types of pumps on-site and in-house 

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Complete fire and pumps Wollongong's Premier pump and fire protection specialists

Why Do I Need This Service?

We supply, install and service a full range of pumps and pump systems for fire protection, commercial, environmental and industrial applications.

Premier pump and fire protection specialists


  • Residential
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Fire Booster Pump Stations
  • Hydrant Pumps
  • Stormwater run-off
  • Sumps
  • Recycled water
  • A/C Units
building fire safety


  • Power generation
  • Oil/gas
  • Mining
  • Food and beverage
  • Maritme
  • Pharaceutical
  • Transportation
  • Geo-thermal
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  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Ports
  • Resorts/Golf Courses
  • Schools
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Irrigation/agriculture
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  • Waste Water Treatment 
  • Stormwater Run-off
  • First Flush
  • Oil/water seperators
  • Water reuse
geo thermal power plant

You're in good hands

We are leaders in servicing all pump types and pump brands, we specialise in fire pumps and pump sets, hydrant pumps, submersible pumps, sewer pumps, drainage pumps, sump pumps, grey water pumps, pressure booster pumps, UV filtration, air conditioning units, hot water circulator, geothermal pumps to name but a few..If the heart of your pumping system isn’t performing, contact us for your no obligation pump health check up today! 

We service all areas of Sydney and Wollongong, we’ll get your pumps up and running in no time with our 24/7 pump service & repairs. 


Complete Fire and Pumps are just a call away, regardless of the time. This includes emergency breakdowns and in-house pump service and pump repairs.


Our comprehensive fleet of fully equipped mobile service vehicles will guarantee you remain fully operational as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What are types of pumps?

Pumps can be classified by their method of displacement into positive-displacement pumps, impulse pumps, velocity pumps, gravity pumps, steam pumps and valveless pumps. There are three basic types of pumps: positive-displacement, centrifugal and axial-flow pumps

What maintenance tasks should be carried out on pumps?
  • Check pump for noisy bearings and cavitation.
  • Check bearing oil for water and discoloration.
  • Feel all bearings for temperature.
  • Inspect bearings and oil rings through filling ports. …
  • Check oil leaks at the gaskets.
What causes a pump to fail?
How do you inspect a pump?
  1. Visual inspection for damage.
  2. Dimensional check to drawing requirements.
  3. Witness or review hydrostatic test.
  4. Witness or review NDE examination.
  5. Application of test marks.
  6. Visual examination of welded on connections.

N.B. Scheduled maintenance checks should always be performed by a certified third party inspector.

What is the difference between overhaul and repair?

repair is a fix on something reported as broken whereas an overhaul is a complete teardown of the unit which occurs in accordance with the manufacturing specifications

Other Services

Partnering with us, will ensure you understand your obligations and are in compliance with current fire standards and regulations. 

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