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Design & Compliance

By Design. In Compliance.

We provide a complete range of services from design and upgrade to compliance, certification and sign off. Each of our customers are unique, this is why we deliver based on their individual needs. We analyse the design of sprinklers and hydrants, whether to site conditions, current legislation and standards, as well as manufacturer’s codes of practice. This can improve performance, reduce maintenance requirements and ensure that equipment works to its maximum.

Dry pendent and dry sidewall type sprinkler heads

We provide design and compliance services to ensure your new and existing fire equipment meets safety and regulatory standards, ensuring your assets are reliable, efficient and safe.

Australian Standards & Codes

New Hose reel, Hydrant and Sprinkler design

We design, manufacture, and distribute high performance hose reels, hydrants, and sprinkler systems for fire protection, industrial use, and other commercial applications.


Upgrade hose reel, Hydrant sprinkler design

We make your Hose Reel and Hydrant sprinklers more efficient, reliable, and safe. Our design engineers can help you upgrade your existing hose reel or hydrant sprinkler to meet legislative requirements or improve performance and durability.

Sprinkler audit and report

Sprinkler audit and report, including an audit of the installation record, observations on the physical condition of the system and a statement indicating whether or not all required sprinklers are installed in accordance with australian codes and standards

Hydrant audit and report

A hydrant audit is conducted by a qualified technician to determine the status of each hydrant. The report details the location, type and size of hydrants, as well as their condition, depth, connection to water mains and any other relevant information. 

fire equipment health check

Hose reel audit and report

Our Hose Reel Audit and Report identifies the most prominent requirements, such as design and equipment testing, hose reel physics, and compliance with local codes.


Hydrant, Sprinkler and Hose reel certification and sign off

Ensures that the hydrant, sprinkler and hose reel were installed in accordance with today’s codes, standards, regulations and industry best practices.




We work on a wide variety of projects



The design process starts with the customer’s needs and goals and incorporates the latest research, equipment, materials and technologies



From this point, we chart a course through a series of steps to get the best result and bring our wide range of services to bear on your particular project.



Final step of the design phase involves Hydrant, Sprinkler and Hose reel certification and sign-off. This ensures that all systems are fully tested during the design process and ready for installation.

Don't mess with your Hose Reel, Hydrant or Sprinkler designs. We'll go over all the drawings and specs. Whether you're looking for a new sprinkler system design or an upgrade to your existing system, we can help.

Hose reel, hydrant and sprinkler design, audit and report. Upgrade your network design or contract us to complete a compliance report with a sprinkler or hydrant certification. Clients include the Australian Government, City of Sydney, and councils and Sydney Water, to name a few.

Hydrant and Hose reel design and compliance. We help budgets stretch further through cost effective designs, and construction management. Whether you operate in the residential,industrial or commercial sector, we have the expertise to ensure compliance with all aspects of legislation for each project.

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