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Fire Hydrant Design & Install

Fire hydrant systems are designed and installed in accordance with AS 2419.1:2017 “Fire hydrant installations System design, installation and commissioning”

Primary Components

Water Supply & Storage

Pipework & Valves

fire pump set


fire rescue booster

Fire Rescue Booster

Hydrant, Hydrant Valve or Landing Valve & Coupling

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As you probably know, the surface of the hydrant that is visible is just the tip of the iceberg. Complete Fire and Pumps can handle the obstacles that may surface during the removal and installation of older utility equipment.


If you have a hydrant that requires a water flow test, or replacement of a traffic kit because of a fire hydrant collision, Complete Fire and Pumps is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist.

Fire Hydrant Inspections

These important inspections include: Residual Fire Flow Tests for New Construction Fire Flow Testing for Flow Pressure Operability and Hydrant Reliability Inspection of Lubrication of Caps and Fittings


Inspects, installs, and repairs the majority of fire hydrants. CFP has been making maintenance of the fire hydrant repair process seamless for customers since 2010.

What is in a fire hydrant?

The valve stem in a dry-barrel hydrant design is steel. The valve stems in a wet-barrel hydrant are usually made from silicon bronze. The hydrant outlets are molded in bronze. If the barrel is cast or ductile iron, the bronze outlets are threaded into the barrel

What are the main types of fire hydrants?

For most intents and purposes, there are two types, wet and dry barrel hydrants, in addition to standpipes. These have a different structure and mechanism depending on the surrounding conditions

How many types of fire hydrants are there?

Dry riser and wet riser are the two kinds of fire hydrants. The wet riser fire hydrant holds a constant water supply and while dry riser fire hydrant needs to have a valve to release to let water in