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Passive fire protection

Passive fire protection refers to the use of construction elements within a building that are designed to prevent or delay the spread of fire and/or smoke to different parts of the building. 

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Structural Fire Protection

Structural fire protection guards essential structural components (such as structural steel and joint systems) from the effects of fire.

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Fire barriers, firewalls, fire partitions, and smoke barriers are all included in compartmentation.

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Firestopping Materials

These materials are used to limit fire spread through penetrations in a fire barrier.



Compartmentation is a vital part of the fire safety design of a building and seeks to divide large spaces into smaller, more manageable ones should a fire occur. Through effective compartmentalisation, you can maintain the structural integrity of your building and ensure the safe evacuation of your team members.

Why is passive fire protection important?

It prevents the spread of flames from room to room and floor to floor. Just as importantly, passive protection stops smoke and other toxins from spreading throughout the building, which can be just as damaging as fire.

Are fire doors active or passive fire protection?

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s passive fire safety strategy. In a fire they provide compartmentation to prevent fire and smoke spread, assisting in safe evacuation and providing protection to the rest of the building.

What’s the difference between fire integrity and fire insulation?

Integrity‘ is the ability to prevent the passage of fire and smoke. ‘Insulation‘, as the name implies, is the ability to prevent the passage of radiant heat.

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