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Are You Overpaying for Fire Safety?

Introducing Our Cost-Saving Fire Protection Packages

Get fire protection without the high price tag. Our packages are designed to:

  • Cut Your Fire Safety Costs – Not Corners: We ensure quality and compliance, always.
  • Deliver Top-Tier Protection at Budget-Friendly Prices: Tailored solutions fit your needs perfectly.
  • Simplify Compliance: Meet regulations and avoid costly fines with our affordable expertise.

New Client Starter Pack

Our “New Client Starter” Pack takes the guesswork out of protecting your business (and your bottom line). With a combination of FREE expert audits, a complete system check, and a clear roadmap to compliance, you gain peace of mind – and unlock exclusive savings on any necessary upgrades!

Free Audit Combination:

  • Compliance: Review of key fire codes and regulations relevant to the facility type.
  • Evacuation: Walkthrough assessment of routes, signage, and potential bottlenecks.
  • Risk: Identification of common fire hazards and high-risk areas within the facility.
  • HAZMAT (if applicable): Basic assessment of storage practices and containment measures.

Basic System Checks:

  • Fire Extinguishers: Locations, types, inspection dates.
  • Sprinkler Systems (if present): Visible components, clearance around heads.
  • Alarm System (if present): Panel status, audibility check in limited areas.

Recommendations Report:

  • High-Priority Issues: Highlight anything posing an immediate safety threat or major compliance breach.
  • Suggested Improvements: Potential enhancements to evacuation plans, system upgrades, or staff training needs.
  • Opportunities for Cost Savings: Point out areas where optimisation could lead to future insurance premium reductions.

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Our “New Client Starter” pack, identifies vulnerabilities and recommends specific services from our comprehensive fire protection packages. 

Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Peace of mind: Full compliance and preparedness.
  • Proactive protection: Mitigate fire risks and damage.
  • Long-term savings: Reduce insurance costs and incident likelihood.
  • Streamlined experience: Single point of contact for all fire safety needs.

Upgrade Options:

  • Package recommendations: Based on assessment findings.
  • Modular system: Choose individual services or a complete package.
  • Customisation: We tailor solutions to your specific needs.

Ready for total fire safety confidence? Upgrade today and let our experts handle it all. Get top-tier protection, streamlined compliance, AND save up to 15% when bundling 2+ packages. Your safety, your savings.

commercial building

The “Compliance Check-Up” Package:

    • In-depth fire safety audit of the premises
    • Discounted servicing of existing fire equipment (extinguishers, alarms, etc.)
    • Detailed report outlining compliance status and recommendations for any upgrades

The “Production Safeguard” Package

  • Fire risk assessment for critical machinery and production processes
  • Installation/upgrade of fire detection and suppression systems in high-risk zones
  • Emergency response plan development in collaboration with management
fire protection services sydney

The “Asset Protection” Package

  • Specialised assessment of hazardous materials storage and handling areas
  • Design and installation of appropriate suppression systems (sprinklers, foam systems)
  • Staff fire safety training session focused on site-specific risks

“Ensure asset protection. Choose specialised inventory safeguards or our comprehensive data & asset protection plan, custom-designed for your specific operational needs.”

warehouse dangerous goods storage fire hose reels positioning

The "Inventory Protection" Plan

Rack Sprinkler Design Optimisation:
  • Analyse storage materials to determine fire risks.
  • Assess and recommend upgrades to your sprinkler system for optimal coverage and effectiveness based on storage types and density.
Fire Barrier Assessments & Compliance:
  • Evaluate existing fire barriers (walls, doors) and ensure compliance with codes for your stored materials.
  • Recommend upgrades or repairs for optimal compartmentalisation.
    Additional Features:
    • Smoke & Heat Detection Integration: Optimise early fire detection systems for the warehouse environment.
    • Firefighting Equipment & Access Evaluation: Assess fire hose locations, extinguishers, and ensure adequate clearance around racks for first responders.

    Key Considerations for Customisation:
    • Warehouse Layout: The package can be tailored to standard, cold storage, or other specialised facilities.
    • Industry Specialisation: The plan can address the unique risks and requirements for specific industries and stored materials.

    sensitive asset fire protection

    "Data & Asset Safeguard" Plan

    Advanced Detection & Suppression:

    • Early warning detection optimised for the environment.
    • Multi-system suppression: Clean agents for electronics, plus appropriate systems for sensitive materials.
    • HVAC & power integration: Coordinated procedures for safe shutdown if necessary
    Environmental Risk Mitigation:
    • Climate control for optimal asset preservation.
    • Airflow & smoke management for suppression efficiency.
    • Water leak detection to prevent damage.
    Security Integration & Asset Tracking:
    • Access control coordination with fire systems.
    • Fire-rated storage assessment and optimisation.
    • Asset inventory & mapping for efficient recovery.
    Key Benefits: 
    • Comprehensive Asset Safeguarding: Specialised fire protection solutions for high-value data and sensitive materials.
    • Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Proactive adherence to fire codes and standards for secure asset storage.
    • Minimised Downtime & Recovery Costs: Emphasize prevention and rapid, coordinated response.
    • Potential Insurance Savings: Highlight proactive risk mitigation for potential premium reductions.

    Need Top-Tier Fire Protection? We’ve Got Solutions to Fit Your Industry & Budget.

    retail store fire safety


    • Guest room fire safety: Sprinkler checks, smoke alarm testing, evacuation plan review in guest-facing areas.
    • Kitchen fire suppression optimisation: Systems for commercial kitchens, staff training, and hood/duct cleaning services.
    • Integration with security systems: Access control, communication systems for coordinated response.
    Healthcare (Assisted Living, Clinics)


    • Specialised system design: Suppression systems suited to medical equipment, oxygen use, etc.
    • Evacuation planning for limited mobility: Staff training, specialised equipment, coordination.
    • Medical gas storage compliance: Fire hazards and regulatory adherence.
    • IT and medical equipment protection: Specialised suppression systems for data centers/server rooms.
    Food Service


    • Inventory risk analysis: Assessment based on materials, storage density, etc.
    • Sprinkler system optimisation: Maximising coverage and protection of high-value merchandise.
    • Loss prevention integration: Fire safety coordination with security systems and theft prevention.
    • Construction-zone safety: Temporary measures during remodel or expansion projects.

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