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Different Fire Safety Signs You Can Use

Lessen the Fire Damage

Every year, fire incidents occur in different places such as private homes and building establishments. In order to lessen the damage fire may cause to a certain workplace, specific fire preventive measures have been designed. Aside from installing fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers in the workplace, having the adequate and appropriate fire safety signs can also help people in dealing with such undesirable event.

What Types Are Best For Your Use?

There are many types signs that are produced globally; however each country has specific models of its own. Putting these ones inside your building premises can definitely be a great advantage for you and your employees when fire breaks out.
Fire safety signs are signs that indicate where fire fighting equipment may be located in a building. These signs also tell people of emergency exits wherein the occupants of the building can escape to in case a fire event occur such as fire. In the Australia, fire safety signs are comprised by white and green legends. Having these signs inside a building is very important since these will tell people where to go or escape when fire emergencies happen. Safety signs will also tell them which fire fighting devices can be used in eliminating or retarding a fire inside the building. When present, these signs also tell people where to locate devices such as fire hoses, alarms, and fire extinguishers.

Show and Tell

In order to be detected easily, this type of signs are printed out in bright color so in times of emergencies, people can easily locate them. Not only do fire safety signs tell people of typical devices but they also direct them to fire safety equipment such as fire blankets. A certain type of fire safety signs is intended to warn people of flammable objects and fire hazards, making sure that the occupants of the building take necessary precaution in handling these items.


Furthermore, additional fire safety signs also tell people of an evacuation map which generally outlines a building’s emergency exits and escape routes. Evacuating a burning building is a very stressful event and having these signs to guide people is definitely a great advantage.

What you need to know about fire safety signs is that they should be properly installed within the building. Make sure that their locations inside the workplace are not ambiguous. Also, make sure that they are easily understandable, even without the presence of accompanying words. These signs are put up for the purpose of preventing further danger to happen in case of fire incidents.

Vital Fire Protection Equipment

So make sure that such purpose will be successfully met in the end. Having fire safety signs are very vital in every building establishment since they may direct even those people who are unaware of unfamiliar with the building itself. For as long as they are properly placed in the right locations, then you are sure that they will guide these occupants safely in any event of emergencies.

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