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Fire Extinguishers

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dry powder extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Complete Fire and Pumps specialise in the supply, service and maintenance of all portable fire equipment, providing strategic coverage to your premises.

fire hose reel

Hose Reels

Custom-designed hose reels to specifically meet your requirements. A range of rotary and bridle types for a wide range of applications – Construction, Mining, Industrial, Public & Community Facilities.

Fire hose cabinet

Fire Cabinets

Turn your fire equipment cabinets into a complete fire safety system and enjoy the best value for money in the industry.

Types of Extinguishers Available

For maximum safety and effectiveness, the correct fire extinguisher should be used for the type of fire you’re fighting.

Dry Powder for wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids, live electrical equipment and gaseous fires.
CO2  for flammable liquids and live electrical equipment.
Water for wood, paper and textiles
Foam for wood, paper, textiles and flammable liquids
Foam for animal fat and vegetable oil fires

dry powder extinguishers

Dry Powder

CO2 Fire extinguisher


water fire extinguisher


foam fire extinguishers


Inspection & maintenance

We can help you meet the relevant standards, including:

  • AS 2444:Portable Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blankets”
  • AS 2941:Fixed Fire Protection Installations”
  • AS 1221:  “Fire Hose Reels”
  • AS 1851:Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment”

We inspect and service all fire extinguishers, reels, and cabinets to ensure they are in compliance with Australian standards & codes. We also performance test, so you can rest easy knowing fire equipment is ready to protect your employees and customers from the dangers of fire.

fire statement inspection

Why Choose Us

Your security and your customers’ safety is our top priority at Complete Fire and Pumps. That’s why we ensure all of your fire extinguishers, hose reels and cabinets are properly serviced, inspected and maintained. Our certified technicians take the necessary time to check your company’s fire extinguishment equipment, ensuring that you have no problems during a large-scale fire or other emergency. Don’t take chances with your business or anyone’s safety – trust our team to do an on-site inspection of your fire protection equipment today!

Zero Obligation Inspections

Fire inspections to make sure your fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire cabinets are serviced in accordance with local codes.

Eco-Friendly Services

If you need fire extinguishers, hose reels or fire cabinets for your business, visit us and we’ll find the best solution for you. Our range is designed to meet stringent safety and environmental regulations.

Identify Trends to ensure compliance

We consistently monitor and evaluate the latest in technology and compliance, so your equipment is the best it can possibly be.

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We also handle auxilary equipment

We can also supply these auxiliary items:


  • Mobile Extinguishers
  • Extinguishers Covers
  • Extinguisher & Vehicle Brackets
  • Fire Blankets
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