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Fire Protection Technology Mix in the 21st Century

A reliable and innovative mix of active and passive fire protection tools are needed to protect the environment, infrastructure, assets and lives from the damages caused by fires events in the next decade.

2022 fire protection systems have an essential role to play in providing front line defense of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, invaluable assets inside the facilities and the occupants.

In the construction industry, more and more building and facilities designers are integrating natural elements and sustainable “green” components into their designs such as the use of natural lighting through atria, skylight and fire rated glazed materials. Construction designs and fire protection engineering are being integrated to comply with existing building codes, fire standards and legislation  To assure compliance, all the stakeholders, the owners, architects, designers, engineers including the fire protection engineers and building and permit authorities are collaborating with each other.

Passive fire protection is at work 24/7 and when a fire event occurs, the systems should have the power to control the fire and prevent it from spreading. How effective the installation and maintenance of these passive fire protection tools can only be evaluated in a post fire assessment of structural and collateral damage. One tool being promoted for educational and healthcare structures are fire rated glazing materials which allow natural daylight to go through building spaces of medical labs, stairways, corridors, etc. instead of using artificial lighting….⤴️

Another passive protection is the use of fire retardants. They can restrain spread of fire and save lives and properties. You can apply the latest retardants to your curtains, draperies, carpeting, dining and living room furniture and fixtures, or equipments and others as extra precaution in addition to your smoke alarms or sprinklers.

With respect to active fire protection weapons such as fire extinguishers, you have the responsibility as home or facility owner to be aware of the latest types of equipments available. It is important to be updated with products having value added properties such as being non-toxic, non-irritant and eco-friendly. You need to look for extinguishers which are freeze resistant, rated and listed, effective fire class A-B-C-D-L. It is advisable if they are liquid, non-corrosive and pH neutral. It has been reported that water-based technology products are capable of fighting transformer fires and can demonstrate fire temperature resistance in excess of 5400 F while extinguishing magnesium fires. They are sample models of fire fighting equipments for the 21st century. So you need to check them out for verification and confirmation.

Fire extinguishers, sprinklers and other active fire protection systems are most effective when integrated and incorporated with passive fire protection systems to have a well balanced strategy. Using (DSC) detection, suppression and compartmentalization approach will allow occupants a safe exit during a fire and provide protection from flames, smoke and heat to your valuable assets. These are the types of 21st century fire protection systems you should invest in for the protection of precious lives of people you care and love and your valuable properties!

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