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The Benefits and History of Fire Sprinkler Systems

It all started when

In 1864, fire sprinklers were invented by Major Harrison in the United Kingdom. They were further developed in 1874 by Henry Parmelee in the United States, who developed the automatic fire sprinkler system to ensure nothing happened to his piano factory.

Automatic sprinkler systems have quickly become a necessity to the modern lifestyle and have been in use for over a century. Sprinklers are now the most widely used fire protection systems, owing to the fact that over 40 million are installed internationally every year.

What are fire sprinkler systems?

A fire sprinkler system offers a very high level of protection against fire through the use of network of water pipes that are designed to discharge water through sprinkler to bring down the heat when a predetermined temperature has been reached. Sprinkler heads should be fitted at the designated distance apart. Water is provided to the sprinklers by a source that has a sufficient flow to fill the pipes as per the local regulation.

Sprinkler heads are installed in floor ducts, on ceilings and in enclosed roof spaces to protect those areas where a fire may start and not get noticed. In addition, large warehouses often get sprinklers installed in the storage racks to protect their goods. Sprinklers have a success rate of over 99%, and they can be used for homes and industrial plants alike.

Sprinklers are recognized worldwide as a vital fire safety device for reasons such as:

– Minimizing the burn damage done to you, your property/ goods and your family/ employees.
– The risk of death caused by fire is minimized for those in a building with fire sprinklers installed.

Sprinkler types

The ESFR Sprinkler (or ESFR) is special type of fire sprinkler that was developed in the 1990s as a specifically designed way to provide protection against high-challenge fire hazards.

Before these sprinklers were introduced, fire protection systems were designed to manage the fire until the fire department could arrive to put out the flames. The new system developed senses a fire and begins spraying water in half the time that a conventional sprinkler head would. In this way, the system begins to fight the fire sooner and therefore is more capable of completely extinguishing the fire.

Getting a fire prevention system installed in your home, company or warehouse is not just a nice thing to have, but is a necessity. Whether you need water sprinklers, foam sprinklers impact sprinklers, ball valves, or gate valves, Complete Fire and Pumps provides you with a wide variety of fire sprinklers (and if required) complete systems which meet international and national regulations. Please contact us today for details on our product and service range.

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