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Why Your Business Should Have Fire Alarms For the Hearing Impaired

Often Overlooked

Are you responsible for Commercial, Industrial or Residential buildings? Do you have people with a hearing impairment living and working within the confines of these areas?
Recognising and integrating people with disabilities is slowly being woven into the fabric of society, providing practical changes to our homes and offices to make their lives a little easier. But what about fire safety for the hearing impaired?
Australian Standard (AS) AS1603.17-2011 Automatic fire detection and alarm systems – Warning equipment for people with hearing impairment: applies to smoke alarms for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, however, the standard is not currently mandatory. If the AS 3786 appears on a smoke alarm for hard of hearing people, it refers only to the smoke alarm sensing unit and does not include the strobe light or the vibrating pad. Living with deafness creates a world in which you are isolated from those around you just because you cannot hear what they’re hearing. Going through life this way can be especially challenging. You have to come up with ways to compensate for everything you’re missing. When someone knocks at your door, you can’t hear it. If the phone rings, you never know. A person who’s deaf living in a hearing world can find a lot that’s frightening and frustrating. One way to make your world a little safer and less frightening is by installing a fire alarm for the deaf.

The Deaf Need Fire Protection, Too

People who are deaf need adaptive technology in order to make sense of their world. Since a deaf person can’t hear a regular fire alarm, they need ones that are specially-designed to meet their needs. You’ve got to realize that they are basically alone in their world and would feel isolated and vulnerable. We need to do everything we can to make their life a little easier as well as more secure.

The Way Deaf Fire Alarms Work

A system which uses strobe lights is the best you can buy for a person who is deaf. Once a fire is detected and the lights begin flashing, it will be impossible for anyone to ignore them. The lights are bright enough to wake the deaf person when they are sleeping, and they won’t take “no” for an answer as they remind them over and over as they flash their warning to get out of the building immediately.

By giving that deaf person you know the gift of safety and security, you’ll be showing them just how much you do care about their safety.

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