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Wall Wetting fire Sprinkler Systems – How They Work, What are the Benefits

What is a Wall Wetting fire Sprinkler System?

A Wall Wetting fire sprinkler system is a water-based fire suppression system that is installed in the walls of a building, instead of the ceiling.

This type of system uses pre-installed piping that runs from a central supply to each section of wall. When activated, the pipes will release water onto the wall or ceiling where it can be directed at the source of a fire. These systems are often used in areas where ceiling space is limited or difficult to access, such as warehouse storage areas and server rooms.

How wall wetting sprinklers systems work?

Wall wetting fire sprinklers work by using a small amount of water to wet the entire surface of the wall, which then cools the wall and prevents fire from spreading. The sprinkler head is located on the ceiling, and when it detects heat or smoke, it activates a valve that causes water to flow, a small amount of water is released at first, but it increases as more heat is detected. This ensures that there is enough water to completely coat the surface of the wall with no dry spots left behind.

The water then comes out at high pressure, which helps prevent flames from entering through windows or other openings where they might not be detected by other types of detectors. The pressure also keeps people away from dangerous areas while firefighters are responding so that they don’t get injured if they come in contact with hot surfaces while trying to extinguish flames that have spread beyond what would normally be visible after using traditional methods like sprinklers or alarms alone.”

wall wetting sprinkler system


A wall-wetting sprinkler system is an excellent alternative to ceiling sprinklers if you don’t have much space above the height of your fire. It operates using a valve that controls water flow from a main line; once activated, it begins spraying water on the fire.

The benefits of this system include:

• Space-efficient design – wall wetting sprinkler systems can be installed in less space than ceiling sprinklers, which means that they’re perfect for small businesses and homes with limited room.

• Easy installation – these systems are easy to install and require less maintenance than other types of sprinkler systems.

• Cost-efficient – since they don’t need to be positioned at a certain height, they are less expensive than other types of systems.

Wall wetting sprinklers are available for both residential and commercial buildings. Being relatively easy to install and maintain, it makes them ideal for both new buildings and older structures where it might be difficult to install other types of sprinklers.

Inspect, Test and Servicing

The inspection, testing and routine servicing of wall wetting fire sprinkler systems is defined by AS1851-2012 section 2 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler System, and the minimum standards of performance in this section are NCC Specification E1.5  Fire Sprinkler Systems

The following is a brief description of the inspection of a wall wetting fire sprinkler system as per: AS 1851-2012 Section 2 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler System and Minimum Standards of Performance.

1. In-service inspection

In service inspection is carried out on a regular basis to ensure that installed systems are maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and remain in good condition. The frequency of inspection will depend on the type of system, its age and location, but it should be carried out at least once every 12 months for most systems. For critical systems, inspections should be carried out more frequently.

2. Testing

Testing is required to confirm that installation complies with design standards and that components are performing as intended. Testing should be carried out annually for most systems and more frequently for critical systems. (See Chart Below)


sprinkler service intervals AS1851 - 2012

Wall wetting fire sprinkler systems remain a popular choice for many businesses. These systems work well in restaurants, factories, warehouses, and other commercial spaces that can be prone to fire. Sprinklers are also ideal for reducing the damage caused by fire outbreaks. If you’re thinking of installing this system any time soon, keep in mind these key benefits.

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