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Two Kinds of Fire Safety Equipment

Fire is one hazard that can happen anywhere, anytime. With man’s dependence on electrical items and gadgets increasing day by day, the probability of a fire break out has also increased considerably. Whether it is your home or office, safety equipments are, therefore, a must in all buildings. An attack from fire can create irreplaceable damages which you cannot do anything about. It is therefore highly crucial that you protect your assets from fire. Preparing yourself with quality safety equipment is a must.

Fire safety equipment can be divided into two categories: those for preventing the fire from breaking out and those for controlling and extinguishing the fire that has already started. As in other matters, prevention is always better than cure. Thus it always better to keep both in your building; for example, in a place like a factory, once the fire breaks out it could be uncontrollable due to the items stored there. Hence, it is has to be prevented from breaking out and if it does start off, it is important it is prevented from spreading.

Let’s check out some of the common fire safety equipments that are used to prevent and control fire.

For fire prevention

Preventing the fire right on time can undoubtedly help you save a lot of money and loss. The cue here is to detect the fire as soon as it starts. Smoke alarms, fire alarms, heat actuated devices and cutting edge flame detection are some means to detect smoke or fire at its initial stage. These items can be installed in buildings, power plants, vehicles, etc. They can protect a building and even a whole business enterprise from total destruction.

For fire control

The next best way to deal with fire after prevention is control. The fire that couldn’t be prevented could be controlled if you act immediately. For example, there are fire extinguishers that are appropriate to be sprayed over fires of different kinds. Similarly, there are blankets that can be used to cut off the oxygen supply and thus prevent the spread of the fire over a material or a person. Also, most buildings now have a fire aid kits that can be used if a person is caught by fire.

While commercial buildings are required to keep fire safety equipment by the regulations of the government, people tend to take it for granted and ignore these rules when it comes to one’s home. This, however, is not a healthy practise for chances of fire are equal in both residential as well as commercial buildings. Protecting one’s loved ones is always of highest priority and should be given due attendance.

If you have any doubts about the level of fire protection your home or office has, contact a reputable fire safety company ASAP, they will be able to provide what measures need to be taken to not only comply to fire safety regulations but also to prevent loss of life or property.

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