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Tips to Keep Your Sprinkler System Properly Maintained

Best Time To Install Your Fire Sprinkler System?

One of the most effective ways of ensuring safety in the event of a fire is to install a fire sprinkler system during the construction of a building or to add a system to an existing building through retrofitting. Retrofitting may be expensive, but the benefits derived in terms of safety and peace of mind are often worth the cost. In new homes, however, a system may be a minor cost to bear and a great asset to have over the years once they are kept in working condition through regular maintenance.

Proper Maintenance is Paramount

Proper Maintenance of a fire sprinkler system requires training as well as careful attention to detail. As an owner, you may achieve some basic aspects of maintenance on your own between regular visits by a certified technician. Your first aim of maintaining your system would be to ensure that all occupants of the building are aware of its function and treat it as such. The use of paint or hanging decorations on the sprinkler head itself is not permitted and these ground rules should be passed on to any decorators or other personnel who may not be regular users but may need to make aesthetic changes to the room. The heads of the sprinklers should also be generally off-limits to unnecessary contact as an accidental pat may land with enough force to damage something internal without the user’s knowledge.

Frequent Inspection

Even without human interference a sprinkler head may become obstructed by dust, spiderwebs and other small particles so these should be looked at carefully at least once a month to ensure that they are clear and can facilitate the free flow of water in the event of an emergency. When checking these things also look about for general differences in the appearance of your system. If something seems different and causes you concern you should call in the company that put the system in for maintenance or another reputable firm if they are unavailable.

You Need A Professional

Professional maintenance will begin with the arrival of your fire service technician who will check the area the system occupies for anything that may keep your sprinklers from functioning. The technician may then take a look at each sprinkler head to assess if it is properly placed, capable of functioning and properly labeled. This will also been done for the associated valves. Tests will be done on the water pressure delivered to the sprinklers to ensure that it is adequate to put out a blaze.

The Alarms

The Sprinkler alarm is a vital part of the usability of the device and if it were to fail the rest of the system would be useless to you in a disaster so this part of the sprinkler system will be carefully checked by your technician as well. Having done this and other tests, they will give you any recommendations on how to remedy any issues they have encountered with your sprinkler system and record the details of the inspection for further reference. With regular upkeep your fire sprinkler system can be counted on to keep your property safe for years

This article discusses some of the methods a user can employ to upkeep or maintain a fire sprinkler system. These should be done in conjunction with regular professional inspections and maintenance.

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