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Selecting the Right Pump for Your Application

A Brief History

A vacuüm pump, invented by Otto von Guericke in 1650, is a device which removes air or gases from a sealed vessel to create vacuüm inside. They are necessary for air conditions, medical applications, sewage systems and other industrial processes. The type may vary with every industrial application. There are many types available with differing sizes and features. This article has some detailed information about some of these types. 

Positive Displacement:

Liquid Ring

Liquid ring type help to compress gas by rotating a vaned impeller which finds its place eccentric to cylindrical casing.

When it starts, liquid (usually water) enters and by centrifugal acceleration, it forms a rotating cylindrical ring inside the casing. This liquid ring forms a series of seals in the area between the impeller vanes, which creates compression chambers. This generates eccentricity between the geometric axis of the casing and impeller’s rotational axis which results in a cyclic variation of the volume enclosed by the ring and vanes.

Liquid ring vacuüm pumps are available either in single or multi-staged range. The multi-staged type can have up to two compression stages in a common shaft. Efficient liquid ring type from trusted companies are highly in demand in industries like petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile and manufacturing of paper among others.

Rotary Vane

Rotary vane type help liquid to move through it by using a rotating assembly. This rotating assembly positions itself inside the chamber. One can witness usage of this positive displacement type in several varied applications especially when the application demands pressure or a vacuüm source. Some of the common uses of these type are automation industry and laboratory applications.

Along with vacuüm type, industries popularly use centrifugal pumps for their different applications. It moves or transfers liquid such as water or chemicals from one place to another by accelerating it using centrifugal force. Its rotating impeller distributes the liquid to surrounding volute casing.

These type come in wide array of sizes and models depending on the application. They can vary from simple house one to more advanced one used in industrial plants and wetlands.

Before you start searching for any type, whether it’s centrifugal, rotary vane or any other variant that suits your needs, it is vital that you list out the requirements. This is important if you aim to choose the right one. It will greatly help you to narrow down on the extensive options available. Your next step is to shortlist brands and suppliers that can fulfill the criteria of your application. Then, pick the most reputed and trusted brand which can also suit your budget. Stay away from companies if you are unsure about their background or with poor reputation in spite of their attractive offers. 

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, I have only described a small number of pumps available today, as they are as varied as the applications they are designed to service. Here at Complete Pumps and Fire we are well positioned to help you navigate through the often confusing choices. 

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