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How to Protect Your Valuables From Fire

Throughout the history of mankind people have tried to save their valuables from different disasters including floods, tornados, tsunamis, fires and etc.  For instance, in the NSW alone between 2010 and 2015 there were approximately 23,766  residential structural fires. The estimated value of insurance claims relating to smoke and fire damage just in Victoria was over $135 million. Thus, in 2019/20 the total property loss in Australia was estimated to be well over $1.3 billion.

It goes without saying that fireproof safe should be a compulsory purchase for any home. While functioning as a security safe with a combination lock for keeping some very important documents and things, a fireproof safe can also save them in case of unfortunate fire. Having a fire resistant safe at your home or apartment is a great idea because you can access your things whenever you need to. If you prefer to store them in a bank, then you can access your things only during banking hours.

A kind of fireproof safe needed by a customer usually depends on whether he/she is going to store documents or computer devices. If you plan on storing things such as CDs, DVDs or computer hard drives, you need a specialised model of security safe. No doubt that fireproof safes will perfectly work for storing documents. However, only specialised safes will be able to protect computer equipment in case of a fire. You should keep in mind that some fireproof safes are simply fire resistant and not completely fire proof.

Every safe will be able to stand up to fire for a different period of time.

Fire rating for a safe that you are going to purchase is very important. It can tell you about the effectiveness of the product. For a safe to store computer equipment the rating should be at least 125. This figure means that the temperature inside of the safe will not rise above 125 degrees. But, you will notice very quickly that the higher the ratings are, the more expensive the safe actually is.

You should keep in mind that a fireproof safe can be quite heavy. It depends on the size of it. So you should decide where to put a safe after you purchase it.

Finally, you should determine a sum of money you are going to spend on your safe.

In conclusion, you should always remember that a fire proof safe doesn’t just give defence against fire. It will help your safeguard of your valuable and beloved things that are of a special emotional and monetary value from the fire and a theft at the same time.

Stay Fire Safe



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