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Maintaining Your Fire Safety Equipment


In my experience as a fire protection design and installation specialist for commercial property, I find that fire safety equipment along, with proper fire engineering as a whole, can be a big investment on the asset column and yet is rarely ever used. This is excellent of course, as nobody wants to will a fire just to utilise them! But it also doesn’t hurt to be aware of proper maintenance of such equipment and investments in order to keep them in working order for an extended period of time. Also, maintaining your establishment’s fire safety measures means that you are in compliance with AS 1851 -2012. Aside from this, you want to ensure the safety of your work equipment, work area and most importantly the employees and guests at all times.

First off, make sure that your fire safety equipment is designed, and installed by a company who is a member of the FPA of Australia, the national peak body for fire protection services in Australia. Experience has told me, that you can always trust what these companies say – if they say that a certain fire extinguisher has a shelf life of one year, they are being honest about it plus time allowance on the answer they gave you. Make a schedule on your annual planner as to when you will next consult with your fire safety supplier to make sure you are always a few steps ahead of any possible danger. Do this one thing religiously, and you will find that you’ll save a lot of future costs.

As for fire extinguishers, take note that a refilling service is available for many of these products. Whether you used them or not, an annual change is most ideal in order to ensure maximum output. A regular fire drill for your office or building and also makes sure your fire alarms are working. You can also conduct a test with your local fire station if they receive your area’s signal loud and clear. Once in a while, test your fire exits and replace any faded fire safety signs. Lastly and while this may be a bit pricey especially if you haven’t done this before, consulting with fire engineering experts is also a must. They can tell you whether your fire safety equipment is operating optimally through regular scheduled maintenance and testing regimes.

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