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Keeping Pets Safe From a Fire

Pets and Fire

Keeping pets safe from a fire is important. If you have pets you know that they become just like one of the family members. There are approximately 500,000 pets involved in homes with fires each year. Since 88% of pet owners consider their pets to be part of the family it’s important to include them in safety plans.

A few tips to save your best friends

There are some tips that can keep the pet safe at home, the first is to have a security system with monitoring, and this means that the fire and rescue will arrive much sooner than if they are called after a neighbour sees smoke or fire. In many cases, the pets in the house are saved, rather than being trapped in a burning house.

Another tip is to use animal decals on the windows next to the home security decals, this way it will be seen by the authorities should the house catch fire. This is the fastest way to get the pets out of the home when the person or family is not there to rescue their pets. This decal should also have the number of pets that are in the home so that they can be located and brought out of the home.

Pets should never be left alone near any open flames, this includes candles, which can be easily knocked over and fireplaces. Make sure prior to going to bed or leaving the home that any open flames are extinguished, including stoves and radiant heaters.

Check the house for any type if wires or extension cords that might be interesting to pets that could end in electrocution or fire.

Families or single persons with pets should keep leashes and collars where they are easily reached in an emergency and exiting the residence should be practiced. This is important so that should an emergency occur, while the home security system is sending an alert to the monitoring center the person or family and their pets can escape safely.

Include Your Pets in Any Escape Plan

Make an escape plan for the family in case of an emergency including fire. The plan should include the safe removal of the pets. However, be certain to let all family members know that their safety is most important. Never spend extra time looking for a pet instead of getting out of the house. Those few seconds or minutes can mean life or death since fires can spread rapidly. Pets can be easily scared in a fire and may hide under the bed or in a corner. Keep young pets in crates overnight so they are safe.

Keep fire extinguishers in the home and know where they are located. Most fires start in areas where there are combustibles such as in the kitchen. Practice an escape plan with the family by having regular fire drills. Keep an extra leash outside of the home in case you need it in an emergency. When practicing your fire escape include the dog or pet. Train the pet to come when called and always know the location of your pet in the home.

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