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Grundfos Pumps Service and Repairs

Grundfos are one of the best known designers and manufacturers of water pumps in the western world, the business is now one of the world’s largest water pump companies having enjoyed over half a century of steady growth since their formation in 1945 in the Danish city of Bjerringbro by Poul Due Jensen. With an impressive history of manufacturer and design coupled with a potential for more success in the future through the advancement of state-of-the-art technology and the opening up of new markets in emerging countries it appears there is no stopping them.

Grundfos pumps are to be found in sewage and water waste which includes drainage. They are also used in cooling and air-conditioning systems. Submersible pumps, jet pumps multistage centrifugal pumps and compact systems for water supply in homes, gardens and hobby applications. Where hygiene and flexibility are really important, the pump comes into its own.

They are made from high quality materials to meet some of the world’s strictest hygiene standards, but their true distinguishing features are their flexibility. These pumps can be adapted to suit any task, where, reliable hygienic pumping is required. Here are just some examples, as you will see pumps are needed in every area and walk of life. Pharmaceuticals: pure water systems, biotechnology, Infusion, nutrient and alcohol infusions, filling and bottling systems. Personal Care: pure water, lotions, perfumes. Food and Beverage: beer, breweries, dairies, soft drink mixing, yeast processes. Other includes: cleaning solutions, water treatment, semi-conductor rising, metal surface treatment. Designing pumps for sanitary processes means that strict standards must be observed. These pumps can be used in any and all settings, from domestic to commercial and throughout industry.

Renewable-energy based water systems are suitable for remote locations that are not connected to the electricity supply grid. If you do business in some remote area, Grundfos pumps may be the resource you are looking for. Pressure boosting for the transfer of water, three and four- story buildings need an extra boost for their water supply to circulate correctly.



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Agricultural water distribution, intake and treatment

Helps improve farms efficiency with modern electronically controlled drip/ microspray, sprinklers and pivot irrigation pumps, as well boost water pressure with pumps and accessories. The range also contains water disinfection, pH adjustment and reverse osmosis units.


For the treatment and handling of coolants, thermal oils and hot water.

Commercial and domestic building services

Different kind of pumps are required for the full hydraulic functioning of commercial and domestic buildings, includes high-efficiency heating and hot-water systems or APG pumps will treat all wastewater.

Fire protection

From small compact economical designs to high hazard pumps designed to protect industrial properties.

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Single and multi-stage, end-suction sanitary pumps 

Industrial boilers
commercial air conditioning and heating needs, very reliable and strong pumps designed for applications that require accurate dosing and where high chemical resistance is required.

Industrial Wastewater and Water Treatment

A great variety of multi-stage and single-stage end suction pumps are Grundfos response to industrial wastewater and water treatment.

Machining industry

Includes coolant and condensate pumps, Grundfos offers a virtually limitless range of long-coupled end-suction pumps.

Manufacturing industries

BM booster module pumps or CR/CRE monitors for the monitoring of pump efficiency, cavitation and performance.

Marine, mining and pharmaceutical

Manufactures specific pumps and pumping systems for the marine, mining and pharmaceutical industry.

If you are interested in service or repairs to Grundfos pumps then contact Complete Fire and Pumps, for supply, installation and repair/ services across the whole range of Grundfos’ product line.


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