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Fireproofing, An Important Part In Hotel Safety

Fireproofing Measures In Motels For Protection Of Guests And Employees

Upon entering the hotel, you will be familiarized with the emergency escape route. You will also notice that fire extinguishers have been strategically placed around the building so that they are easily accessible in case something happens. Also, emergency exits, including any exits to hallways or staircases in the event of a fire, are identified by signage and/or red doors.

Fireproofing is an important part in hotel safety. Hotels want to make sure that you are safe whether you know it or not. After all, there are a lot of things that hotels can do to keep you safe, but fireproofing is one of the best ways that they can protect you, as well as themselves. Fireproofing their hotels makes them rest assured that if one of their rooms catches on fire, that it will more than likely not spread to other rooms. Any hotel that is not adequately fireproofed is not worth staying in.

As an Owner, have all building utilities have been tested in accordance with local fire codes and regulations?

EP&A Regulation 2000 Regulation
182 “(1) The owner of a building to which an essential fire safety measure is applicable must not fail to maintain each essential fire safety measure in the building premises:
(a) In the case of an essential fire safety measure applicable by virtue of a fire safety schedule, to a standard no less than that specified in the schedule, or (b) In the case of an essential fire safety measure applicable otherwise than by virtue of a fire safety schedule, to a standard no less than that to which the measure was originally designed and implemented.”

“It is important to note that there is an expectation from regulatory authorities of “due care” being taken by licensees to ensure that the fire safety measures are properly maintained and functional at all times.” There are other legislative requirements you need to comply with such as; Workplace Health and Safety, Common Law Duty of Care, Dangerous Goods, Building Fire Safety and other Industry Specific regulations..

Building owners are to ensure maintenance is carried out and recorded.
The maintenance of these measures will vary depending on the type of premises and the fire safety measures within it but generally you need:

  1. Annual Fire Safety Statements are required to be prepared by the building owner.
  2. Maintenance of essential fire safety measures is required.
  3. Maintenance must be carried out by a “properly qualified person”.

“Compliance with Australian Standards is only legally required if they are referenced in regulation, legislation or in a contract N.B. Some jurisdictions have non specific provisions, others have detailed provisions that make specific reference to previous editions of AS1851


So what are some of the fire proofing measures you would expect to see in a fully compliant hotel or motel?

  1. A monitored sprinkler system supplies water quickly when it is needed.

Property owners and tenants who are concerned about safety in their building want to know they can rely on the AS 2118 – Automatic fire sprinkler system to protect them against fire.
Trying to save money and cut corners by installing cheaper sprinkler systems can be a false economy. If a cheaper system does not meet the Australian Standard, it is unlikely to provide adequate protection for your hotel building.
Sprinklers also need regular maintenance and testing to ensure they perform as expected when needed.
Sprinklers for car parks, garages and other areas where you need protection from external fires;
Sprinklers for internal areas where you have employees or residents;
Automatic fire suppression systems for computer rooms, laboratories and other sensitive areas;
Watermist fire suppression systems for power installations where water damage could cause electrical problems.

  1. Fire doors automatically close and seal off compartmentalized areas if a fire occurs inside of them.
    AS 1905.1-2005 -Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls Fire-resistant doorsets

The fire door is an important part of the fire safety in hotels and resorts in Australia, because it helps minimize the spread of fire to other rooms. Fire doors have a number of important features that make them highly effective at compartmentalizing a fire and preventing it from spreading.
Latching mechanism – In any commercial building, doors will have a locking mechanism with multiple latches for added protection in case of an emergency. These latches are designed to automatically lock upon impact, which can provide added security for hotel guests.
Automatic door release – In the event of a fire, these doors will seal off areas on their own by way of an automatic release system that seals off each room. This helps prevent smoke from spreading throughout the building and allows people inside to find an exit way more easily.
Foam-filled frame – In some cases, this door may be filled with high-density foam that will help contain smoke and keep it from escaping into other parts of the hotel.
This can help ensure that smoke doesn’t spread to common areas like hallways and stairwells.

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Fire Blankets

Most hotels won’t leave them in the rooms because they are not required to by law. However, it is a good idea to have them on hand as they can help prevent injuries in the event of a fire. Their effectiveness is dependent on where they are located. If they are in the bedside table or on top of the nightstand next to the bed, then they are not very effective as they are not easily accessible during an emergency. The most effective place for fire blankets is in each guest room closet. They should be stored in a metal container along with your other contents. The reason these blankets work well when placed in closets is because guests use them to smother small fires that have started on clothes or upholstery before calling for hotel staff or emergency personnel.

Fireproofing measures like these will certainly help to keep you safe just like all the other measures mentioned here do.

There are even more things that hotels do to make sure that their guests are safe but the steps outlined above are simply some of what a hotel can do to reduce fire fatalities and minimize damage if a fire should occur on their property. By doing fireproofing measures such as these will keep your guests and employees safe if a fire should break out during your stay.

It is important for hotels to take the fireproofing measures just to eliminate the risk of a fire breaking out in their hotel but also so that they can be sure that in the event of one, they have procedures and people in place to minimize any damage or injuries. In the end, it is up to the owner as to how he wants to fireproof his property but by doing these steps and others, your hotel can be a safe haven. Need help in understanding your obilgations in your area? Contact one of our hotel fire proofing compliance specialists today.

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