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A Fire Takes No Prisoners

Fire undeniably takes no prisoners, and stopping a fire, is not all about fire extinguishers being strategically placed. People generally ask themselves if the extinguisher can be found on time, but more importantly, do they even know how to use it? Moreover, what class of fire? The response then is usually NO. An extinguisher can help subdue a small fire, yet without an effective fire protection, system in place the potential risks of controlling a fire, before it turns into an inferno can radically increase.

Practical fire protection methods are critical in order to evade a disaster, but each and every day these defenses are usually neglected due to costs, lack of information, or maybe even considered needless by some people. Passive Fire Protection is important to provide protection for people and by extension, property who tend to neglect to consider the fire hazards risks.

Consider a situation where a building or structure could be unsafe, would an individual knowingly head right into it? The most understandable response is no, yet still buildings are being constructed or renovated with fire suppression systems installed that do not contain the right balance of active and passive fire protection.

Passive fire protection is at work 24/7 and when a raging fire comes roaring, the systems should have the power to control the fire and prevent it from spreading. How effective the installation and maintenance of these passive fire protection tools can only be evaluated in a post fire assessment of structural and collateral damage.

Fire extinguishers, sprinklers and other active fire protection systems are most effective when integrated and incorporated with passive fire protection systems to have a well balanced strategy. Using (DSC) detection, suppression and compartmentalization approach will allow occupants a safe exit during a fire and provide protection from flames, smoke and heat to your valuable assets.

These are the types of fire protection systems you need to invest in for the protection of precious lives of people you care and love and your valuable properties!

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