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Reasons for Conducting Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Inspection/ Detection

Fire sprinklers are the very important part of a fire safety system in a building, mostly in offices. This is why it is more of a reason for you to make sure it is working properly and has no faults or leakage. To ensure this, you would need to conduct a thorough fire sprinkler inspection monthly, 6 monthly and yearly as per AS1851. There are many reasons for you invest some money on this operation. Some of the reasons are explained below.

Why Inspect So Frequently?

Apart from compliance to building and safety codes, a fire sprinkler inspection will ensure to keep your office safe from any fire threat. Knowing that in case of a fire in your office, sprinklers will extinguish the flames completely will give you a peace of mind. You might be thinking that firefighters can also do the same job, which is true but the problem is sometimes firefighters are little late to save everything. Therefore, if you do not want your precious office and assets to go up in flames and get destroyed completely, then it is mandatory to conduct an inspection of the sprinkler system.

What about Insurance?

Your insurance company will also be happy to hear that you have conducted regular fire sprinkler inspections by a certified fire protection service. It is a necessity to comply, if you want the company to continue your insurance. One reason for this can be they aware that if sprinklers are working without any problem or fault it would be possible to reduce the loss from fire. 

Providing a Safe Environment

Conducting a fire sprinkler inspection is to provide a safe environment for your employees or customers. It should be very clear why you must conduct regular fire sprinkler inspections of your building and to perfect your fire safety system so you minimise the risk of loss of life or property. If you would like a thorough assessment of your buildings fire safety systems, we have the experience and expertise to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Contact Complete Fire and Pumps today.. 

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