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Fire Safety Signs and You

Follow the Signs

As we visit any building or establishment, we often find directions pertaining to fire exits. More so, we often see signs indicating entry points as well as escape routes. You may also remember seeing location maps situated at a hotel’s lobby or main hall. All these directions and reminders comprise the list of safety signs- the ones relative to fire safety and protection.

Fire authorities have been urging business owners to give way to signs as safety reminders for its occupants, residents or employees. NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, Part 9 Fire Safety and Matters concerning the Building Code of Australia outline the requirements that building owners must comply to.

Sign of The Times

In times of emergencies, signs are primarily used as directions towards fire exits. The signs are also used in locating fire safety devices such as fire extinguishers, specifically during times when fire situations are urgent. These signs need to be visible in order to become effective that is why such is commonly made of material described as photo luminescent. Compliance with regulations also mean following standardized features such as size, location and height. There are also specific standards pertaining to the material used in making a safety sign.


As part of compliance to safety standards and legislation, business owners and managers have to be aware with the requirements set by law. Aside from having easy-to-locate signs, they also have to be readable. Comprehension is vital in saving people from danger during fires, and signs that are unclear and indefinable do not serve its purpose. Many owners opt to go with pictograms, wherein signs are made clearer with text and pictures.

Escape Routes

It is also during fire emergencies that people have better use of escape routes. The signs are utilized to indicate these exits by means of clear arrows. The information posted on pictograms have to be accurate too- the more reason why owners have to subject their requirements to inspection, before proceeding with their business operation.

Compliance with safety policies and regulations is key to form part of prevention. True enough, occupants are now familiarizing themselves with fire risk assessments and regulations. The same goes for building owners. The idea of fire safety presents us with the opportunity to lessen damages and loss of life, and be more wary of the future. Fires are events that follow no time, logic or reason. It is also through compliance that we can lessen fire-related emergencies to happen in the future. Generally, the more we prepare ourselves, the more we take control. And the more workable our contingency plan is, the more equipped we are in finding the best fire safety solution.

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