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Doctors, Nurses and Fire Resistant Doors.

Doctors, nurses, and fire-resistant doors are all important in medical facilities.

The Highest Level

Hospitals and medical centres call for the highest safety measures in the event of a major event, like a fire breaking out inside the building, and similar to any structure, hospitals are also come with an additional challenges. High numbers of people that occupy the building at any one time, but the most critical are the patients, with many of them not very mobile, so it’s vital, that a hospital fire protection system (passive and active) is up to the job, and has the best possible setup for putting out or controlling a fire including compartmentation and suppression, near patient wards.

Why Are Fire Resistant Doors Essential?

The provision of these fire resistant doors can help people to evacuate from a floor where fire has spread already. These are special types of doors that will withstand extreme temperatures, they will not be burned with other materials and keep other people in adjacent rooms safe until they can find egress.

Hospital or medical centre staff, will have the proper knowledge on how to conduct themselves during a fire emergency. Evacuating patients and visitors won’t be easy in this particular scenario and it becomes increasingly difficult when large numbers of transient people are unfamiliar with evacuation procedures. Smoke moves fast into other locations, inside the hospital, and where’s there’s smoke there’s fire, but when there’s properly installed fire resistant doors, that cannot be penetrated by smoke because it has special seals, then smoke cannot spread and therefore, fire can be contained in one area.

Long corridors in the hospital should have fire resistant doors at the stairwell that leads to other floors. There’s usually a fire exit sign that will be placed where these doors are, a warning for people to take heed when a fire is spreading into several rooms. Seconds can mean the difference between escape or not, and fire resistant doors in conjunction with a properly designed, installed and well maintained fire protection system, will be that difference.

Staff should know that evacuation may be vertical or horizontal. A fire resistant door will be able to contain smoke and fire so people can move to locations where they may be safer until rescue can be made.

If you would like to know more about your fire protection system at your medical centre or hospital, we always available to help.

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