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Fire Rated Doors and Your Legal Obligations

Front Line Fire Protection

In Australia the placing of fire rated door sets is a legal requirement in residential and commercial buildings. NSW legislation – Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 clause 166 and clause 80A of EP&A Regulation 1994 and Section C of National Construction Code  The lack of these doors in the building interior would give the structure a non-compliant status concerning passive fire protection.

Escaping from any structure on fire can be deadly if smoke and flames are not controlled. In worse case scenerio, choking by smoke is a real threat as ordinary doors are not able to prevent smoke from spreading, people can fall unconscious and be asphyxiated from the smoke that comes from other parts of a building.

Fire Protection Starts Here

Fire proof doors compliance is critical because this is where fire protection starts. Even without the aid of rescue efforts, people inside a building that is being ravaged by fire can still escape because there are fire exits and doors that act as barrier for smoke, heat and flames. Without the barrier, it is easy for a fire to spread and consume everything in a matter of minutes.

Fire doors are considered the most critical fire safety measure on your premises. Doors that can withstand burning, will keep the fire contained to a certain compartment or room, allowing people a longer time to make their escape.
This situation will also allow the fire and rescue service a better opportunity to get to everyone who may be trapped and also to control the fire.
Fire rated doors AS 1905.1—2005 Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls Part 1: Fire-resistant doorsets can also prevent a part or all of your building and property being engulfed in fire quickly. These door sets are designed to be used alongside fire extinguishers and sprinklers. It is also necessary that a fire alarm system be installed so that the door will automatically close once the alarm has set off.

For warehouses, the presence of fire door sets forms a small but vital passive fire protection measure for people, plant and equipment, goods and documents in case a fire breaks out. The use of fire-proof safe or cabinets would also be essential for documents. Since fire can easily start in areas that are not easily accessed, it is also a smart move that storage facilities have these doors installed in their interiors.

New buildings must be compliant for passive fire protection prior to occupation. But some older buildings, do have compliance issues, for many reasons, mainly financial,  but nonetheless adequate fire safety measures must needs to be established by every building owner and manager.

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