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Fire Protection Safeguards

Safeguard Against Destruction

Fire in the home or in business premises can have a devastating impact for those involved. Injuries, fatalities and the destruction of buildings will occur in a fire and that is obviously something we all want to avoid. And, by taking some elementary safeguards, the risk of fire in the home or indeed at work can be greatly reduced.

Fires can have a massive financial impact as well as being an awful cause of human suffering. We need to have fire protection solutions to help avoid the terrible consequences of fire.

Simple Carelessness Or Something More? 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of fires in the home or at work are caused by simple carelessness. Accidentally turning on the gas cooker without igniting it, gas leaks, switching on electric lighting in an explosive environment. Along with chemical reactions from mixing various household liquids, substandard electrical appliances,smoking in bed, failing to extinguish cigarettes properly and leaving matches where children can find them, are all the ingredients of potential disaster. In short, caution is the simplest and cheapest fire protection solution.

There can’t be any doubt that prevention is better than cure when it comes to protecting property against fire. A very simple but very effective fire protection solution is to make sure a fire guard is in place should the home have an open fire for heat. Should candles be burned they should be placed where they cannot be knocked over and cause a blaze. Items that are combustible should be kept away from the house and living space, preferably in a cool, dry shed or storage area. These items include turpentine, paint, aerosols and spirits,fuels and fuel oils, dry paper and wood and solvents.

Not So Obvious

Some other items, which may not appear as an obvious cause of fires, also pose a danger. Dust, be it sawdust, cotton or woollen dust, oily deposits and even deposits from insects can, in certain circumstances, be a cause of fire. Sweeping, or clearing these things up and keeping your property or business clean is a wise and sensible fire protection solution.

Lessons Learned 

Businesses and public facilities have an obligation to provide fire exits. This very simple, but essential step, can easily be applied in any domestic dwelling. Should a fire break out in the home, especially at night, when everyone is sleeping, every member of the family should be aware of a pre-planned escape route. Should a family be unfortunate enough to suffer a house fire, this simple fire protection solution could avoid a tragedy.

Other fire protection solutions will need an outlay of cash, but the cost is outweighed by the safety of your business, house and family. These fire protection solutions include fire alarms, which should be tested weekly to check if they still operable, fire blankets and good quality fire extinguishers.

These fire protection solutions, along with knowledge of what causes fires and what can be done to prevent them, will ensure those you care about remain safe and secure.

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