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Fire Protection For Aircraft Hangars

How Safe Are Your Aircraft?

There are wide varieties of services available which come under fire protection regulations that must be complied with, and following any/or all of them, can help you control a fire event in an aircraft hangar. There are many different classifications of spaces in hangar facilities that include:

• The hangar or aircraft storage area.
• Maintenance workshops.
Warehouse and storage areas.
• Administration and supervision offices.
• Electrical and hydraulics utilities areas.

It is essential to carefully analyse the space so that the designers can determine the need for the general space. Factors that you need to identify while designing:

• Identifying the type of aircraft that will be housed within the hangar.
• Identifying the aircraft mix that will occupy the hangar.
• Identifying the maintenance functions of the aircraft that needs to be performed in the facility.
• Estimating the type and the amount of shop area that is needed to perform the maintenance functions.
• In case of warehouse space you also need to determine the amount of shop area that is essential to support the maintenance effort.
• Estimating the floor space that is essential for the Office and Administration Area.
• Estimating the floor space that is required for the Building Utilities Area, and storage of hazardous / flammable materials. 

In case of the fire protection for Aircraft hangar you can make use of the systems like:

• Overhead foam/ Water Sprinkler system
• Foam Monitor system
• Foam Hand Hose Line System
• High Expansion Foam system

In case of the water systems there are three different types of systems like:

• Closed Head Pre-action
• Standard Wet Pipe
• Water hose reels
• Deluge System

The main purpose of fire protection is to ensure the safety of the property as well as the aircraft. Along with  sprinkler systems, there are other ways through which you can ensure the safety of the aircraft. New technologies have now evolved to provide complete fire protection.

Different ways of fire protection for aircraft hangar:

Fire Suppression Systems: Preventive safeguard of your fire suppression system, ensures you have peace of mind knowing you can provide protection to your valuable assets. It is vitally important to have thorough inspection and maintenance programs in place AS 1851 (Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment ) to ensure that fire suppression systems are capable and ready to extinguish any fire emergency.

Fire Detection Systems: It is true that a fire detection system can save lives, and property. The National Fire Protection Association has made it compulsory that fire detection systems should be installed and maintained as per AS 1670.1:2018.  Certified and experienced  providers have trained technicians who have the skills to properly inspect, test and repair any type of fire detection system.

Proper testing of the equipment will always help you manage the situation at any point of time. Skilled and highly trained people can demonstrate and provide understanding, of the level of protection of each system.  If you have any doubts as to the suitability of your fire detection and suppression systems or whether it is in compliance, please contact of our specialist, friendly team to assist. 

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