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So you think your business is fire protected?

So You Think Your Small Business Is Fire Protected?

It is quite striking to note that fire protection is a highly underrated policy for many small businesses. Small businesses tend to have more at stake than other companies. Small business owners rely on their business’s ability to function, and a fire in their building can lead to devastating circumstances.

Statistically Speaking

According to Fire Australia, less than 50% of building occupants feel confident of knowing what action to take and where to evacuate to during an emergency..

Another frightening statistic is that 95% of all fires are found to be extinguishable if the correct fire extinguisher is applied promptly. Fire extinguishers are located throughout Australian workplaces as part of their compliance with Australian Standard AS1851 and the Building Code of Australia (BCA), however the majority of people are fearful of fire extinguishers or do not understand how to operate a fire extinguisher in an emergency. This is why nowadays, more and more businesses have become aware of modern fire safety equipment and practices such as the use of CO2 fire extinguishers on electrical fires and regular employee fire training.

A Key Concern

Fire safety is and should be a key concern for most  business owners. As an example,  a scientific equipment distributor can regularly transport highly volatile chemicals  – which means that if a bottle of flammable fluid was so much as ignited by a small piece of cigarette cinder it could start a hard to control chemical fire. This business also operates with a good number of electronic equipment such as a heavy duty electrical generator and of course, a network of desktop computers. This is why in this case, a good number of CO2 fire extinguishers are on stock since this type of fire extinguisher is the most ideal in putting out electrical fires. they also have a good number of carbon monoxide detectors in key areas where there is a good amount of gas powered equipment to make sure that the silent killer CO does not pull the trigger on personnel.

The point to illustrate here is that fire protection varies from business to business, from need to need, and is crucial in every business, especially fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and a commercial fire sprinkler system. There are also different types of fire extinguishers used for various purposes, so every business owner should know which fire extinguisher is right for their specific business.

For restaurant owners, an automatic fire suppression system is also crucial, as over half of all restaurant fires involve cooking equipment. The system automatically dispenses chemicals to suppress a cooking fire and will shut down the fuel or electric supply to other cooking equipment in the kitchen when activated.

To know your own need, a consultation with a fire protection expert is essential.

Thus, if you need to know whether you need a CO2 fire extinguisher or a wet chemical fire extinguisher or perhaps a passive or active fire protection systems, seeking expert advice is really the only practical option out there. Fire protection for businesses is a very relative issue and an essential one at that. We all need fire safety as mentioned, we are a country that is prone to fires. Whether it be in a household, a flower shop or a bank everyone needs to make sure that his property and livelihood is well protected. Better than insurance as they say indeed, is prevention.

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