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Fire Hose Reels in Dangerous Goods Storage Warehouses

Determining The Optimal Location for Your Dangerous Goods Storage Warehouse Fire Hose Reels.

Fire safety is of utmost importance in dangerous goods storage warehouses,
🛢Relevant standard – (National Code of Practice for the Storage and Handling of Workplace Dangerous Goods [NOHSC: 2017 (2001)]) 🛢 as the risk of fire incidents is significantly higher due to the nature of the stored materials.
Adhering to the Australian Standard AS2441 – 2005 Installation of Fire Hose Reels guidelines ensures that the fire hose reels are optimally located to effectively handle fire emergencies and minimise potential damage. This guide aims to provide detailed instructions on determining the optimal location for fire hose reels in dangerous goods storage warehouses.

Types of Fire Hose Reels

There are various types of fire hose reels used in dangerous goods storage warehouses, including:

  • Fixed fire hose reels: These are permanently mounted on walls or other structures and are suitable for areas with limited space.
  • Swing arm fire hose reels: These can be swung out from their mounting position, providing greater flexibility in reaching the target area.
  • Mobile fire hose reels: These are mounted on trolleys or carts and can be easily moved to the required location during a fire emergency.

Each type of fire hose reel has its specific uses, and the choice depends on the warehouse’s layout and the nature of the stored goods.

Factors to Consider

Key factors to consider while determining the location of fire hose reels include:

  • Nature of the stored goods: Consider the flammability, reactivity, and potential hazards of the stored materials.
  • Layout of the warehouse: Assess the overall warehouse design, including storage compartments, aisles, and exits.
  • Accessibility of the area: Ensure that the fire hose reels are easily accessible and visible during an emergency.

Measuring the Required Distance

Follow these steps to measure the required distance between fire hose reels and storage compartments based on the AS2441 guidelines:

  1. Determine the maximum travel distance from any point in the warehouse to the nearest fire hose reel. This distance should not exceed 35 meters for Class A and Class E dangerous goods and 50 meters for other classes. refer to SafeWork Australia’s “Classifying Hazardous Chemicals” and “9 Classes of Dangerous Goods”
  2. Ensure that the fire hose reel covers the entire floor area of the warehouse, taking into account any obstructions or barriers.
  3. Position fire hose reels near exits or escape routes to facilitate quick evacuation during an emergency.

Installation and Maintenance Guidelines

To ensure the effectiveness of fire hose reels in case of a fire emergency, follow these guidelines for installation and maintenance:

  • Install fire hose reels at a height of approximately 1.5 meters above the floor level for easy access.
  • Ensure that fire hose reels are clearly visible and marked with appropriate signage.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain fire hose reels as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, and AS 1851 – 2012 Service and Maintenance of Fire protection Equipment, including checking for damage, leaks, and corrosion.
  • Train warehouse staff on the proper use and maintenance of fire hose reels.

Best Practices and Real-World Scenarios

Examples of best practices and real-world scenarios that illustrate the importance of following AS2441 guidelines for fire hose reel location include:

  • A warehouse storing flammable liquids experienced a fire incident, but the fire was quickly extinguished due to the optimal location of fire hose reels, preventing significant damage and injuries.
  • A warehouse that failed to adhere to AS2441 guidelines experienced a fire incident, resulting in substantial damage and delays in extinguishing the fire due to the poor location of fire hose reels.

In Summary

Following the AS2441 guidelines for fire hose reel location in dangerous goods storage warehouses is crucial for ensuring fire safety and minimizing potential damage during fire emergencies. By considering the nature of the stored goods, the warehouse layout, and accessibility, warehouse operators can determine the optimal location for fire hose reels and ensure their effectiveness in case of a fire emergency.

References: “Fire Hose Reel Maintenance” & “A Practical Guide To Hose Reel Placement in Commercial Buildings”

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