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Fire Exit Doors Designed For Your Environment

Occupant Fire Protection

Commercial buildings, residential homes, public buildings and industrial plants need to have fire exit and entry doors that are independently tested to protect their occupants and property in the event of a fire.

Fire rated doors can be exit or entry doors which must be fitted internally to contain or restrain a fire that would lower the risk of spread in the building.


Fire rated doors are specially designed and manufactured to function purposely against the quick spread of fire for rescue work to be effective. Such exit doors can be made of steel or hard timber material for their primary purpose.

Besides functionality, these doors can come with a special glazing for better aesthetics as well as a plethora of locking options that cater to the different requirements of the building.

Fire exit doors can be in a variety of shapes and sizes although there are standard sizes in the market for many types of building. These can be single, double or leaf and half doors which must be strategically placed throughout the building for the optimal effectiveness.


Certification of fire exit doors is necessary to assure the buyers on the standard of functionality of these doors. A exit door must meet the unique needs and requirements of the consumer who may be a homeowner, business owner or factory manager. Hence, fire doors must be designed and manufactured with high security standards that include rust and corrosive protections.

Types of choices

It is common to have fire rated doors to come in various finishes which offer little or no maintenance. There is no lack of high standard locking mechanisms with the preferred direction of swing for any fire door to be implemented in the building. Other features may include anti-lever cover plates as well as anti-crushing surfaces or reinforced steel edges for an enhanced level of protection.

Steel fire doors are very much preferred by homeowners and businesses. This type of material has been proven to be highly fire resistant and burglary proof. Steel security doors are easily implemented across a wide spectrum of existing structures such as an old garage, sheds, condominium and high rises. They would function just as effectively in any environment with their proven standards on fire resistance.

Fire exit doors can be made of zinc-tec or galvanized steel. It is important to note that various types of steel choice offer different features and strengths.

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