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FAQ’s About Fire Pumps

As a building owner, staying compliant with fire codes in regards to your fire pumps, helps maximize system integrity and allows fast, effective response in the event of a fire emergency. This includes knowing when and how to test and maintain a fire pump. While an outside service provider is often hired to ensure a fire pump is fully operational and compliant with codes, it is the responsibility of the building owner to maintain all fire equipment and systems in his or her building, see AS-1851-2012 “Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment and repair any deficiencies or impairments”. Here are a few of or most frequently asked questions about fire pumps.

What is a fire pump?

fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler systems water supply and is powered by electric, and/or diesel or steam. The pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the sprinkler system risers and hose standpipes.Complete fire and pumps Wollongong's Premier pump and fire protection specialists

What are the types of fire pumps?

Fire-fighting pumps are usually single-stage volute casing pumps, double-suction radial flow pumps (see Double-suction pump), ring-section pumps, submersible borehole pumps or deep-well turbine pumps

What is the most common type of fire pump?

Centrifugal pumps
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How does a fire pump system work?

fire pump works through the use of an engine, which can be powered by electricity, diesel, or sometimes by steam turbines. The pump is activated when one or more of the sprinklers in the system is triggered, causing the pressure in the system to drop below a specific level.

How often does a fire pump need to be tested?

According to AS1851, fire pumps must be tested monthly, 6 monthly and annually and 5 yearly frequency to ensure that they will perform as designed. These tests are to be conducted as per the above standard.
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How long does a fire pump last?

About 20 years

When Is a Fire Pump Needed?

Fire pumps are needed when the local municipal water system cannot provide sufficient pressure to meet the hydraulic design requirements of the fire sprinkler system. This usually occurs if the building is very tall, such as in high-rise buildings, or in systems that require a relatively high terminal pressure at the fire sprinkler in order to provide a large volume of water, such as in storage warehouses. Fire pumps are also needed if fire protection water supply is provided from a ground level water storage tank.

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