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Energy Saving Pumps Saving The Environment?

The Backbone of Industry

Throughout history, pump systems have been the backbone of commercial buildings, irrigation and agriculture, as well as municipal water and wastewater management facilities. Moreover, they are also key contributors to systems in the industrial companies such as mining, chemical, gas, oil, pulp and paper manufacturers. The reason that the energy usage of pumping systems are an important concern for environmentalists is because they account for between twenty to sixty percent of the usage of electrical energy in the above industrial and water treatment facilities. If this process is optimised then the opportunity for saving energy globally is extensive.

The Concerns

The three main concerns for pump systems are; energy efficiency, system or process efficiency, and the environmental concerns.

In the past, pumps were generally supplied as part of a much larger system. This resulted in them frequently being the incorrect size or misapplied. Furthermore, there has been cases whereby they had been left as a stand alone component within a large system. This all adds up to the high amount of energy demands that they require.

What The Future Holds

In 2030, it is estimated that the electrical energy demand that we will require will double, which could put the world into a complete global dilemma. Additionally, scientists have worked out that the level of CO2 emissions will need to be cut by half in this time in order to prevent a drastic environmental impact. For the reason that pump systems account for almost twenty percent of the Earth’s electrical energy demand, as well as anywhere between twenty-five to fifty percent of industrial plants energy means the operation of pumps are a clear contribution. This means that these systems need to be reviewed and made more environmentally friendly so that the electrical energy demand is reduced as well as the energy usage of the plants.

What Can Industry Do?

If pump systems are upgraded in order to reduce the energy usage this can have great benefits, not only for the environment of the plant but also for many industries, organisations and businesses. A reduction of up to seventy percent in your energy usage will help limit your carbon footprint as well as keeping the costs down. Therefore having a specialist team of trained engineers come to upgrade your systems can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Industries and organisations need to be acting now if we have any chance of reducing our global energy usage. In addition to this you could be saving money in your industry which can be redirected into other things. To find out how your business can save big dollars and be environmentally responsible at the same time, talk to one of our service engineers at Complete Pumps and Fire.


“Special thanks to Laura Medley for her wonderful insights” 

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