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We’re more than just electricians! Here’s why homeowners and businesses trust us:

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Are You Overpaying for Electrical Contractors?

Protect Your Property & Save: Electrical Safety & Compliance Packages

From basic safety checks to code compliance and essential upgrades, we offer tailored electrical packages to fit your needs and budget. Our packages include:

  • The “Peace of Mind”
  • The “Compliance Check-Up”
  • The “Essential Safety Upgrade”

Why Choose Us?

  • Prevent Costly Repairs: Quality workmanship protects your property.
  • Ensure Compliance, Avoid Fines: Expert guidance simplifies the process.
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: The right level of service at the right price.
  • Illawarra Founded and Locally Owned.
electrical safety inspection

The “Peace of Mind” Safety Check

  • Electrical safety inspection of existing wiring and outlets
  • Identification of potential fire hazards or code violations
  • Detailed report with recommendations for upgrades or repairs

The “Compliance Check-Up”

  • Review of electrical plans (new construction or renovations)
  • Assessment against relevant codes and standards
  • Recommendations to ensure compliance and avoid costly rework
compliance inspections
Emergency lighting and exit sign testing for compliance

The “Essential Safety Upgrade”

  • Installation of safety devices (GFCIs, smoke alarms, etc.)
  • Minor wiring fixes to address immediate hazards
  • Post-installation safety inspection

Additional Services

smart home energy efficiency

"Smart Home Safety & Efficiency"

  • Installation of smart smoke/CO detectors
  • Smart lighting and outlet control for automation and energy savings
  • Consultation on smart home security options (cameras, sensors)
  • Smart thermostat installation for optimised heating/cooling
  • Integration with existing smart devices (voice assistants, etc.)
  • Whole-home surge protection
  • Advanced energy monitoring system with usage insights
  • Customised automation scenarios (lighting scenes, away modes)
Thermal imaging inspections

"Commercial Safety & Maintenance"

  • Annual electrical safety inspection (panel checks, wiring, etc.)
  • Emergency lighting and exit sign testing and certification
  • Generator maintenance and testing (if applicable)
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance (fixture cleaning, outlet checks)
  • Discounted rates on repairs or upgrades identified during inspections
  • Thermal imaging inspections to identify potential hot spots
  • Power quality analysis and recommendations for efficiency
  • 24/7 priority emergency service with guaranteed response time

Industry-Specific Electrical Solutions: Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail & More

Our expertise includes smart solutions for hospitality, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, food service, and office buildings. We offer safety inspections, system upgrades, energy optimisation, and more..

Hospitality (Hotels_B&Bs)

Hospitality (Hotels/B&Bs):

  • Smart room controls (lighting, temperature) for guest comfort and energy optimisation
  • Integration with booking systems for automated “check-in/check-out” modes
  • Smart security monitoring with access control for restricted areas
Healthcare (Assisted Living, Clinics)

Healthcare (Assisted Living, Clinics)

  • Smart sensors for fall detection and activity monitoring of residents
  • Voice-controlled lighting and appliances for accessibility
  • Integration with patient monitoring systems for alerts and data tracking
Food Service

Food Service

  • Refrigeration system monitoring and compliance
  • Specialised exhaust system and hood inspections
  • Lighting upgrades focused on food preparation areas

Stop Overpaying for Electrical Installations: Get Compliant and Save with Complete Pumps & Fire

Led by Illawarra locals, we ensure safe, code-compliant electrical installations. We offer:

  • Tailored Electrical Solutions: Designed to fit your exact needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Navigating complex electrical codes with ease.
  • Cost-Saving Packages: Bundling services for maximum affordability.
  • Certified Electricians: Quality workmanship you can trust.

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