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What Is the Damage If You Don’t Make Quality Repairs to Your Pumps?

“Effective repair and maintenance of your pump will not only increase its life, but it will decrease the cost and increase efficiency”

Not only is industrial equipment expensive because of the preliminary cost but then this is followed by all the operational and support costs. There are many reasons why pumps can fail, and it is important that quality repairs are made, so that in the long term you save money.

The intention of any repair is to return the equipment to factory specifications and so that it performs as it was designed to. However, keeping life-cycle cost savings of the equipment in mind, additional engineered solutions can be applied to further extend equipment life, minimise maintenance costs and maximise energy efficiency.

Repairing or Modifying a Pump Within a System

In most cases, the existing system’s pumps and controls will not have been optimised to accommodate the system’s duty changes over time. In these situations engineered solutions can be used to modify the elements so that they meet the production demands and are compatible with each other. This allows the operators to get the most out of equipment life, minimise maintenance costs and decrease the amount of energy consumed.

There are three steps that should be taken when repairing a failed system:

1) First of all determine how your system is operating
2) Next, find the cause of the failure
3) Lastly, decide which action to take in order to correct the problem.

Your decision will no doubt, be affected by time, cost and cash flow. Unexpected breakdowns could prove even more catastrophic because they cause an immediate need to react and often have more damage repair costs, leakage, clean-up and safety hazards to persons, plant and the environment.

The Quick Fix?

You may settle for a quick fix rather than finding a solution that solves the root cause of the problem, if a breakdown is unexpected. In this instance solving the cause of the problem may not appear to be the best option. This is because if you were to solve the main problem, there would result in a higher cost and longer time out of service, which does not seem as advantageous as quickly patching the problem to resume operations. Though it is very often overlooked, repairing and solving the root cause of the problem will make the repair more reliable. It will also help to remove any uncertainty of another failure–thus strengthening the operating budget.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

It is a known fact that when rotating equipment fails, it is generally 70 to 80 percent as a result of human error. This is due to either a lack of training, operational error or improper routine maintenance. To optimise the life of the pump, all components within a pump system require efficient and regular service.

If the repair is needed due to an operational error, you must consider that the issue also needs to be addressed with education. No matter the integrity of the repair, if your equipment is not cared for properly, breakdowns and failures will persist.

With proper maintenance support, a repair that solves the root cause of the failure and ensures that all components work together for an optimised pump system will lengthen pump life, decrease costs and increase efficiency.

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