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Dry Riser System FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Dry Riser Fire Systems

What is a dry riser system?

How does a dry riser work?

The fire fighters fill the dry riser pipe with pressurised water by connecting the fire engine hose to the inlet on the ground floor. They can then connect hoses directly to the lifesaving water supply on the floor nearest to the fire using the outlet valves connected to the dry riser

What is the difference between dry riser and wet riser system

Dry riser: a system of valves and pipe work which enables the fire service to pump water onto upper floors of a building. Wet riser: a system of valves and pipe work which is kept permanently charged with water, generally utilising pumps and tanks. … in buildings over 18 metres above ground level.

Do I need a dry riser?

What happens if the dry riser fails or it out of service?

If the dry riser fails its test, it should be immediately reported to the property owner and, dependent on the severity of the failure, the local fire brigade. Priority must be given to repair the faulty system. A remedial quotation should be requested immediately to bring the dry riser up to standard. This should usually be issued within 24hrs. Arrangements should be made to get the work completed and system repaired promptly by a competent person.

Testing & Maintenance

If there is ever a fire it is vital that the dry riser is in perfect working condition and easily accessible. People’s lives may depend on it. For this reason, testing and maintenance of dry risers is required by law. (AS 2419.1 and AS 1851) The person responsible for the building i.e. the property owner, landlord or facilities manager, is responsible for maintaining the dry riser. In the event of a fire that person will need to show that the system has been properly tested and that there is a valid certificate of compliance in place.

What to look for when selecting a contractor?

There are three main things to look for when selecting a contractor to work on dry risers: qualifications, accreditations and experience..


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