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Automatic Fire Sprinklers and You

A Burning Question… Where are the Fire Sprinklers?

…good question — we don’t have any for a number of reasons. We’ve considered it, and we’ll probably add them down the line. But…
…it’s not a high priority on our list. And besides, we think the building is perfectly safe without them…
…it would be a nightmare to retrofit into our existing locations. It’s really expensive and time-consuming…
…a sprinkler system would be redundant because we have an industrial fire extinguisher on site…

Why Do I Even Need to Install Fire Sprinklers?

Australia and New Zealand has similar codes and standards to the US, Canada and the UK. There national standard for Automatic Fire Sprinklers is AS2118, but each state or territory will have its own regulations or codes, in conjunction with AS2118. Most buildings in Australia are required by law to have automatic fire sprinkler protection. The purpose of this requirement is to provide a minimum level of property protection requiring owners to take action in providing building occupants with a reasonable level of safety in case of fire.
New South Wales: The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) requires that all new and existing buildings for which a building permit is issued must be fitted with an automatic fire sprinkler system.
Queensland: The Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 requires that all new and existing buildings for which a building permit is issued must be fitted with an automatic fire sprinkler system.

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Fire sprinklers are not all the same!

Fire sprinklers save lives and property, and the cost of installing them isn’t high. Fire sprinklers can stop a fire in its tracks. But there is a big difference in the effectiveness of the different kinds of fire sprinklers, and this difference can have a big impact on your insurance costs. In Australia, the cost of automatic fire suppression is added to your insurance. In New South Wales, an expert installation will add about $150 per year to your insurance costs for every $100,000 of building value. In Victoria it will add about $120 per year for every $100,000 of building value. For a typical house in either state, that’s a few hundred dollars extra a year. If you compare the cost of an expert installation to the cost you would otherwise pay in increased insurance premiums, it’s hard to argue against going for the expert installation.

If I Do Install Them, Should I Hire an Expert?

“Check the price of an expert installation”

Fire sprinkler systems are an effective and affordable way to protect your business and property from fire. They can detect a fire early on, before it spreads, giving you the time to get out safely while minimising damage caused by the fire. Businesses in NSW must make sure they have automatic fire sprinklers installed if their building requires a fire safety risk assessment. If you are building or manage a commercial or industrial building, the law requires that you install fire sprinklers throughout the entire building. Legislation changes regularly and it is important that you speak to a qualified and licensed certified fire sprinkler technician before installing your automatic fire sprinkler system

How Do I Keep My Sprinkler System in Compliance?

Fire sprinkler systems are a very effective way of reducing the risk of fire damage to your building. However, unless they are maintained on a regular basis, they can be ineffective. As a property owner, you have a legal obligation under the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations to ensure that your fire sprinkler system is regularly serviced and maintained so as to be operational at all times. This includes, but is not limited to: – – Regular check of alarms and sprinklers – Checking records to ensure that regular inspections and maintenance is carried out as per Australian Standard (AS 1851) – Checking records to ensure that an annual test has been undertaken as per Australian Standard (AS 1851) – Ensuring there is a current certificate of operation for the fire sprinkler system. This must be kept on the premises where the system is installed. – Address any concerns regarding faulty equipment or performance immediately – Report any faults found during an inspection to the NSW Fire and Rescue as soon as possible Using a professional service guarantees that your fire sprinkler system is working effectively and efficiently. It also saves you the time and cost of searching for an experienced professional yourself.
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