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Agricultural Backbone, Irrigation Pumps

Pumps form the backbone of the Agricultural Industry

Pumps form an integral part of most agricultural applications, but in particular irrigation, so let’s have a brief look at the many types and uses.

Types of Irrigation Pumps

An irrigation pumping machine is categorized based on its design. Here are some of its types:


types of positive displacement pumps

Water is moved by displacing it. Examples include piston, diaphragm, rotary pumps and roller tubes. In piston pumps, water is forced out by pressing a long lever up and down. Displacements are used when you want to displace out thick liquid like fertilizers with great pressure and precise volume.


storm water pumps

These are installed under water. They are a single unit with integrated electric motor. They can be installed in a well, lake, canal or a pond. Water is pumped out of these water bodies for irrigation purposes. However, the power cord runs down to the device under water which needs to be safeguarded from possible damage.


pump supply

This takes aid of centrifugal force to spin water rapidly inside a housing, chamber or casing. These are designed to have stages where each stage is responsible for increasing pressure. It is suggested to prime the devices before first use. This is done by filling the housing with water and then turn on the device quickly. It should however be ensured that the pipes and the cases are always filled with water while operating the device.



turbine pump

A centrifugal pump when mounted underwater and attached to a motor on the ground with a shaft becomes turbine. The motor turns the shaft which turns the device in return. They are highly used in irrigation because they can generate high water pressure.


floating pump

These are submersible units attached beneath a float. These are high energy efficient and easy to install inside a lake or a pond.


jet pumps

It is a self contained unit installed inside a deep well. It is simply dropped into the well along with the power cord and a water line.


booster pump

This is used to boost the pressure of water in sprinkler systems. If your sprinkler does not have enough pressure to throw water wide, then use a booster unit.

A pump performance is determined by flow of water and its pressure. Remember when the flow is more, pressure is less.  Different irrigation applications require different types of irrigation pumps.

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