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Advantages of Using Fire Rated Panels & Doorsets

Advantages Of Using A Fire Rated Panel

You can also apply special sprays to improve the fire protection properties of acoustic tiles. Water-based materials can be spray-treated on acoustic panels to create fire protection. These materials delay and prevent fire events, so if you want to make a non-resistant panel fireproof, these materials can help.

Another advantage is that not only are fireproof panels and walls used for fire protection, but many of the best products also offer resistance to heat transfer and sound.
Fire walls are not only suitable for fire protection and containment, but also offer aesthetic advantages. These panels are also cost-effective, making them an excellent solution for fire protection.

Fire protection panels for walls are effective to prevent the spread of fires without the use of chemical additives. Aesthetics – fire protection panels are multi-layered and thick enough to provide high protection.

Protecting your building 

Slight spacings of about one inch increase the sound-absorbing properties of your panels and prevent heat transfer, thereby reducing the risk of fire spreading.
One of the most important precautions you can take against possible fire-related property damage is to install a fire wall to prevent any injuries or deaths that might result from it. Panels can increase your building security by protecting materials, property and people from the spread of fire before it enters your building.

Fire glass  can provide protection against the spread of flames and smoke, which is likely in the event of fire.
Devices that are protected by a fire protection wall can also pose a fire hazard. Electrical equipment such as energy storage, batteries, computers and servers can be surrounded by fire walls and the fire can be contained.

Thermal safe panels are insulated metal panels made of non-combustible structural minerals and wool cores that maximize compressive strength, with exclusive double-tongue grooves and interlocking side joints that increase fire-resistant performance. Type C Refractory drywall, has more glass fiber reinforcement and components other than plaster cores, making its fire-resistant properties superior to those of Type A. 

Fire-proof wall panels provide strong protection against the possibility of fires. They minimize death and damage caused during an incident. Commonly referred to as refractory panels, there are five main advantages of using this type of wall panels for fire protection.

As a rule, access plates that have a fire protection class corresponding to the fire resistance class of their surrounding barrier ensure that the entire barrier remains intact. Summarizing all this information, it is clear that most building types have fire walls, ceilings, floors and supports, and when access plates are installed, they can provide 1, 3 or 3 hours of fire protection. In some designs, non-supporting walls and other constructions, drywall access panels and other unrated fire doors can be used.

Fire walls protect a wide range of appliances, including batteries, computers, generators, machinery and more. Equipped with a thick, flame-retardant core surrounded by a sheet of composite steel, refractory wall panels function as wall insulation in one. 

If you install a non-flammable panel, it can prevent the fire from spreading too far. The higher the rating of the installed the panel, the longer it can prevent the spread of fires.

This construction includes an air gap between the cladding and the substructure of the building, which protects the interior for a longer service life. In addition, it is easy to add fire and lightning protection, noise buffers and rain protection to increase the overall benefit. Adding a superior insulation and fire protection solution is one of the benefits for businesses.

You can use fire retardant panels for a wide range of applications such as wall coverings, partitions and false ceilings. Fire walls provide excellent protection for critical infrastructure and are therefore indispensable for companies. Flame retardant panels are available in different sizes so you can cut them to the right size.

Fire Rated Doorsets

Fire doors offer the occupants lifesaving security. Different thicknesses of metal wall panels offer different degrees of fire resistance, which are evaluated by standard testing methods. While metal walls and panels can fall victim to severe fire effects, they can also serve for hours as an effective barrier that prevents fire and an intensive heat transfer into the interior of the building.

If you need any advice as to the correct fire protection you need for your business or home, contact one of our expert team today!

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