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A Short History of Fire Detection

The History of Flame Detection

By design, the fire alarm cannot be separated from flame detector. A Flame detector will activate the alarm if they detect any heat or smoke in the certain room. Francis Robbins Upton is the inventor of automatic fire alarm in 1890. The price of this product was quite expensive that made it unaffordable to buy this product. It had a complicated design and was very difficult to install.

Accidental Discovery

Since then, smoke detectors have been improved greatly, from its first design. The first smoke detector was invented by a Swiss Physicist, Walter Jaeger in the 1930’s This device was accidentally discovered when he wanted to make a sensor for poison gas. Becoming frustrated, when the device didn’t work well, on a very small quantity of  poison gas, he lit a cigarette and sat to ponder the next step. He was surprised to find, his device detected smoke from his cigarette!

Detectors for the Masses

It wasn’t until an American engineer  Duane D Pearsall, developed and marketed the first battery powered smoke detectors in 1965. Although, the price of the detector was still expensive, and were not required to be fitted in residential homes, only businesses and government buildings were equipped with this device. However, after many tragic fire events worldwide, regulations were introduced to enforce devices to be installed such as (AS 1670)  to help protect life and property. Today all homes and buildings are required to have certified smoke detection.  Do you know if your business or home is in compliance? And do you have them checked regularly? In residential and some commercial applications, most fires happen due to non compliance and the lack of simple checks of the equipment.

Ensure these critical devices are always working correctly,  and minimise the risk to property and life.

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