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20 Little Ways to Protect Yourself From Fire

Fire protection is a must for anybody and everybody. Whether you’re a homeowner, business manager, employer, or any other person, you need to protect yourself from the possibility of a fire accident. As you know, fires can pose grave dangers to people. They can damage properties, cause serious injuries, and even cause death in some cases. Here are 20 small things you can do to protect yourself from this treacherous tragedy.

1. Equip your home with fire safety devices. Fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and smoke alarms are some of the most important items to begin with.

2. Conduct fire drills at home or in the workplace. If the employer in your office does not seem concerned about it, take the initiative to bring the matter to the attention of the superiors.

3. Increase fire protection awareness among your staff. Conduct fire drills, hold lectures and seminars, and make them realise how this is a very important matter that they cannot take lightly.

4. Keep your home clean and free from piles of items that can serve as fuel to fire. This is especially true for places like garage, storage room, and attic.

5. Use smoke sealers and intumescent door strips for your home.

6. Install a reliable car fire extinguisher in your car.

7. Maintain fire safety devices at all times. For example, see to it that the smoke alarm always has new batteries. You don’t want it giving you a false sense of security.

8. Observe fire risks in your home. Do your best to reduce and eliminate them.

9. Inspect electrical appliances carefully to ensure that they are in tiptop condition. Don’t buy cheap low quality gadgets and electronics.

10. Be careful when cooking in the kitchen. Don’t wear long sleeved shirts and loose-fitting clothes while cooking. Never leave burning pots and pans even for just a second.

11. If you have kids, educate them about fire safety. Never allow them to play with matches or any other fire starter.

12. Don’t overload sockets or put electrical cords under carpets and rugs.

13. Never smoke in bed. It would be great if you don’t smoke inside house. But it would be best if your quit smoking altogether.

14. Secure flammable liquids in proper storage. Place them in a location that is not inside the house.

15. Don’t leave matches or fire starters lying around.

16. Extinguish candles before sleeping or leaving the house. Don’t leave burning candles unattended.

17. Stove, heaters, and any other heat generating equipment should be placed in locations that are far away from flammable items like curtains, furniture, and so on.

18. In your office, strive to de-clutter your desk at all times.

19. When staying in a hotel or going inside a new building, look at the escape plan and locate the nearest fire exit.

20. Be careful when using anything that involves heat or flames.

These are all little but important things you can do to ensure that you are well-protected against fire accidents.

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